Education & Certification

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Master of Science in Counseling – EFT Advanced Trained

My specialty and passion is with individuals and couples, trauma, and cross-cultural adaptability. Whether you have been through tragedy, brokenness, or are going through grief, there is hope. I will meet you where you are in your journey and strive to slow down and unpack the truth. I want you to be sure I understand where you are, and what you are hoping for as we heal and grow.
I am an Advanced Trained EFT therapist, and am specially trained to work with you to restore and repair that which seems to be lost or broken when you are losing hope, or looking for a better connection and bond, as well as pre-engaged/marital couples wanting to prepare for all the challenges marriage will bring. I also work with teens and their parents when life is difficult in such a fragile and defining phase in life. If you are a person suffering from trauma, anxiety or depression, I want to see you heal and grow to feel like a whole person who is thriving in life!
Unique to my own experiences is having spent years overseas as a worker. So much happens to a person when immersed into a different culture and place. Any additional stressors heighten the difficulty of that transition. I want to ready individuals and families before you go, support you while you are there and upon repatriation.

Fresh Roots Family Counseling Locations

Rogers Main Office:
3901 West Financial Parkway
Rogers, AR 72758
Phone: 479.986.8655
Fax: 479.633.9398

Fort Smith Office:
5401 Rogers Ave, Suite 200
Ft. Smith, AR 72903
Phone: 479.226.8403
Fax: 479.250.0334

Our Therapists are accountable to the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling.
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