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Tangible Truth Talk

Tangible Truth Talk It was very early, about 4 or 5 AM when the pains started feeling like this was the day. I walked them off, paced, and writhed a bit on the bed before waking my husband Michael. He knew from the other 9 deliveries that when I said it was time, I...

Is There Marriage After Children?

Is there marriage after children? How can we survive?  How can we thrive? Marriage is a pretty amazing institution. Two people fall in love. Add commitment and a ceremony and viola! We have a family. It starts with two who have committed their lives and time to each...

Anxiety in Children and Teens

I was in the doctor’s office one morning last month and I picked up a WEBMD magazine. One of the articles was entitled: Why are kids so stressed? I thought, “That’s interesting”. That’s something I deal with in every child and teenager that I see in my...

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