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The Fairy-tale: Reality or Disappointment?

The Fairy-tale: Reality or Disappointment? “We should just be happy! I don’t understand why things are so difficult between us”.  Sarah was reeling from the years that have transpired in her marriage, and feeling hopeless that she and Tom could ever get back to who...

Tangible Truth Talk

Tangible Truth Talk It was very early, about 4 or 5 AM when the pains started feeling like this was the day. I walked them off, paced, and writhed a bit on the bed before waking my husband Michael. He knew from the other 9 deliveries that when I said it was time, I...

Is There Marriage After Children?

Is there marriage after children? How can we survive?  How can we thrive? Marriage is a pretty amazing institution. Two people fall in love. Add commitment and a ceremony and viola! We have a family. It starts with two who have committed their lives and time to each...

Happening Lately


Dr. Mary Jeppsen spoke at Awakening 2017 in Olathe, Kansas with Paul Young, author of the Shack. Awakening 2017 was sponsored by Heartconnexion Ministries.

Dr. Mary was interviewed by Brad Hill, Executive Director of Heartconnexion. Here’s a little bit of her personal story…

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